Rakhi Sawant: Censor Board Isn’t Fair To Me

Rakhi Sawant feels the censor board isn’t fair to her. The item girl is particulary ticked off that they have bleeped the word choos le from a song in her next film Loot.┬áRakhi feels that while they have been strict towards her, the members have passed off a song titled Jhak maar ke picturised on John Abraham and Deepika Padukone in Desi Boyz.
Rakhi says, “I don’t know why they found the words choos le so offensive that they had to bleep it. In fact, Jhak maar ke is a vulgar phrase but the censors have allowed it to pass because the film has big stars in it!”┬áRakhi adds that John’s dance steps in the song too are in bad taste. “He’s making a particularly distasteful action with his hand. I have no such thing in my song.” We wonder if the censors will give her another chance?

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