Former MP Herb Dhaliwal Remembers His Good Friend Dev Anand

RICHMOND – Former federal Liberal cabinet minister Herb Dhaliwal says the passing of his good friend, Bollywood ‘superstar’ Dev Anand is a great loss to Cinema.
“I am deeply saddened at the passing of this man of such limitless energy who laid the foundation for India’s celebrated movie industry. Dev Anand certainly was – as the Times of India has aptly described – “A Jewel in India’s Crown”.
“I cherish the opportunities I had to meet Mr. Anand here in Vancouver, as well as in New York, Mumbai and New Delhi. I considered him a very good friend. In particular, he was an inspiration to all of us with ties to India. I especially recall attending a fine reception hosted at the residence of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in Dev Anand’s honour to celebrate the launch of the autobiography of this great man.
“Dev Anand always was planning and talking about his next project. In his ’80s he showed such tremendous enthusiasm, more than most 20 year-olds.
“For me, visiting Mumbai will never be the same. Dev Anand surely will be missed by his fans all over the world.  Happily, his legacy lives on in the more than 100 movies to his amazing credit.”

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