Gender Based Abortions Frowned Upon In Canada

VANCOUVER – Ever since an Indo-Canadian doctor drug up an old issue pertaining to certain immigrants wanting more boys than girls and said doctors should not disclose the sex of the child to parents early in the pregnancy in hopes of avoiding abortions of female foetuses.

The issue has already been dealt with in the South Asian community but the ethnic doctor’s remarks triggered a polls where most Canadians joined the chorus of calling for a 30-week ban against revealing the sex of a fetus.

Mario Canseco with pollster Angus Reid says he was surprised with their findings when it comes to legislation specifically against gender-based abortion.

“The level of support from women is considerably higher than it is for men. Sixty-six per cent of women believe that there should be laws to deal with gender-based abortion, which is higher than men at 54 per cent,” he explains.

Currently, Canada doesn’t have any laws restricting who can have an abortion. Thirty  per cent of Canadians want it to stay that way. Fifty-one per cent of Canadians asked want laws to generally outline when women can and can’t have an abortion.

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