Sunny Leone Slams ‘Bold’ Expectations

Too bad that the scorchingsurprise everyone’s waiting for,might not live up to wild imaginationsand ‘adult’ fantasies.Even as the bold SunnyLeone is shooting for Jism 2, theindustry is betting on how far thisadult-entertainment star will pushthe envelope? So when zoOmquizzed her about the boldnessquotient of the film, she jokinglysaid, “Well, I don’t really knowhow to explain this term, ‘pushingthe envelope’, according toIndian standards, but the point is,Bollywood never opens the envelope,really.It just keeps pushing it,whereas my definition of boldisn’t what I’ve seen in films. Soalthough the film won’t be a family-entertainer, it also won’t be asgutsy as people are expecting.”Phew! That’s quite a downer, isn’tit? No pun intended.

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