SEXED SEMEN ALL THE RAGE IN PUNJAB! Punjabis May Hunger For Boys But When It Comes To Cows – They Want Only Females

CHANDIGARH – Introduced barely three months ago, sexed semen which helps dairy farmers get only female calves from their cows is already a rage. The state had imported 5,000 sexed semen straws from the US three months ago under a pilot project. There is a demand for more even as farmers are scurrying to get hold of the last few remaining semen straws.

Sexed semen straws are created by separating X (female) sperms of quality bulls from the Y (male) sperms which are simply discarded. American cooperatives selling this technology claim its success rate is between 85 and 90 per cent. The farmers are being charged Rs 600 per straw with the state subsidising the remaining 50 per cent of the total cost of Rs 1200 per straw.

While it takes three months to conduct a pregnancy test, farmers are expressing happiness with the results already. Many who were left out are now making demands for import of more such straws.

Kuldeep Singh of Maqboolpur Bhaini village in Patiala says he got 10 cows impregnated with sexed semen. He said the process had to be repeated on two cows while eight others were impregnated successfully. Two cows that have crossed the three-month period have been tested positive for female calves. Veterinarian Gurdeep Singh said the Animal Husbandry Department was finding it difficult to meet the demand for sexed semen. He said complaints were being received from farmers who were left out and many dairy farmers had placed orders for the straws which were in short supply.

Dr Parampal Singh, who is associated with Semen Bank, Patiala, said around 300 sexed semen straws were left to be utilised. He said this, despite a tight check on distribution which was done only through department doctors.

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