I Will Work Till I Am 90, Says Kareena Kapoor

Reigning Bollywood actressKareena Kapoor does not intendto give up her position to anyonein the industry and insists that shewill continue to work till sheturns 90.In Madhur Bhandarkar’smuch awaited film, ‘Heroine’Kareena will be seen as a superstar.
The film chronicles the variousphases, she goes through asan actress — from a glamoroushigh life to a tragic downfall.When asked if she fears thatshe will have to make place ofother actress, Kareena said, “Ihaven’t thought of it as yet. Andobviously I wish and hope that.
Ithink I will be like Zohra Sehgalwho would be working till 90…sotough luck. I am not going to givemy place to anyone.”The story of the rise and fallof an actress, there seems to besome similarity betweenKareena’s yet-to-be-released’Heroine’ and Vidya Balan’s hit’The Dirty Picture’. On this,Kareena says, “I am not gettinginto anyone’s shoes.
I am verymuch comfortable in my shoesand nobody fits into my size. I amnot going anywhere. Heroine isnot a dirty film…its completelydifferent from ‘The DirtyPicture’. It is unfair to comparethe two films.”‘The Dirty Picture’ was basedin 80’s and this (‘Heroine’) is amodern day story. ‘TDP’ wasabout an item girl, ‘Heroine’ isabout superstar. I have taken onthis film because of the script andnot to compete with anyone.
Ithink one should stop makingcomparisons as it is useless,” shesaid.Also, Kareena is all set torock with her latest item song,’Halkat Jawani’ from ‘Heroine’and she asserts that the song isnot an answer to Katrina’s ‘SheilaKi Jawani’. “No answer to anybody,don’t compare it with anybody.
It is mine,” Kareena said.Meanwhile, Bhandarkar wasall praise for Kareena. “Kareenahas done fabulous job. And I amsure and I hope she gets a nationalaward,” he said.’Heroine’ is set to release onSeptember 21, which happens tobe Kareena’s birthday

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