Dia Keeps Up Her Commitment Despite Being Ill

Actress-turned-producerDia Mirza proved to be a trueprofessional when she took tothe ramp for a jewellery branddespite running high fever. It’sall about commitment, shesays.She had to walk for a jewellerybrand on day two of theIndia International JewelleryWeek Monday.
“Ek baar maine jo commitmentkar di (Once I givemy commitment)… I thinkthat’s the joy of what we do,right! It doesn’t matterwhether you are running atemperature or you are notwell. What matters is to comeout there and give your best.We have enough people tomake us look good, so it’s allokay,” the 30-year-old saidhere.”I think as creative people,our need and desire is to constantlyevolve.
We are like theriver, we flow in differentdirections and we learn a littlefrom everything along the way.So, what I do with my life isbecause I love what I do andbecause of my desire to grow,”she added.Dia was last seen in her coproductionventure Love,Breakups, Zindagi and is currentlyshooting for SanjayGupta’s Alibaug.

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