From Undead To Outlaw

Abhay Deol has beenhailed as the thinking man’sactor due to his varied choiceof roles.And now, he is acting indirector Prakash Jha’s next,Chakravyuh.The actor reveals that hecould do the film only afterwrapping up his other movie,Rock The Shaadi, which hasnow been delayed indefinitelydue to multiple problems.
“That gave me the time, asPrakash was in a hurry toshoot.There was going to be aclash of dates, but luckily, thatdidn’t happen,” he says.Prakash’s socio-politicaldrama deals with the ongoingissue of Naxalism.Abhay, who plays a policemole-turned-Naxalite in thefilm, was keen to be part ofthe cast, as the issue interestshim.
“The story convinced me.The subject that they are dealingwith is quite relevant. Theissue is getting bigger and biggerevery day.I am familiar with theissue. Of course, it’s alsoPrakash’s film.I’ve always liked hismovies and I thought of thisas a good opportunity to workwith him,” he says.Meanwhile, the future ofRock The Shaadi remainsuncertain.The zombie-comedy jointlyproduced by Balaji Filmsand iRock also stars GeneliaD’Souza.
“I have no idea what thefuture of the film is,” saysAbhay. Releasing on October24, Chakravyuh also starsArjun Rampal, Esha Gupta,Manoj Bajpayee, Kabir Bediand Om Puri.

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