India’s Oscar Race: Losers Weepers?

Every year one movie’sOscar entry turns into a case ofsour grapes for the losing film’screwBarfi!’s makers have onlybegun celebrating its selectionas India’s official entry to theOscars in the Best ForeignLanguage Film category, andalready the disappointed commentsare pouring in.Among the films in therunning this year wereKahaani, The Dirty Picture,Paan Singh Tomar, Gangs OfWasseypur 1 & 2, Heroine andFerrari Ki Sawari.
Director Shoojit Sircar hasreleased a statement expressingdisappointment over VickyDonor not being sent by itsproducers for consideration.This may be the first time adirector is upset with the producersfor not sending a film,however, this isn’t the first timequestions have been raisedafter the official entry isannounced.Even though only threeIndian films in the last 50 yearshave gone on to being nominatedin the Foreign Languagecategory, almost every yearquestions are raised about theselection process.

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