More Than 75 Percent Of Chinese Hate India

NEW YORK – China and India might seem close by geography, however in terms of social relationship they have a long distance to cover. Just 23 percent of the Chinese population is favourable towards India as per the Pew Research Center’s Global Attitudes Project based in Washington.

Among the countries listed China’s attitude towards Pakistan is slightly better than it has towards India. The report points out the necessity for the growth and improvement of public relationship between India and China. Indians does share mutual feelings when it comes to the growth of Chinese economy. In India 53 percent of the Indian urbanites consider China’s economic rise negative for India and 26 percent see it as a positive drift as per Saibal Dasgupta for TNN.

The Annual report showed 31 percent of Chinese participants favouring Pakistan. It’s does seem astonishing but is real because the foreign ministry representatives and the state-controlled media continuously praise Pakistan’s stand against terrorism, which has made it popular among the Chinese.

China however holds a mixed or skeptical view over most major countries and international institutions in the world like the United Nations, European Union and United States. The Chinese plurality describes their nation’s relationship with India and the U.S. as a cooperative one, these are the two major trading partners of China however, in the recent years this view has taken a negative turn. Yet China’s relationship with Japan is seen as the most hostile as per the report.

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