Uncle Had Sexually Abused Me: Sophia Hayat

On the eve of InternationalWomen’s Day, the glamorousactress and TVshow host, SophiaHayat, revealed her darkand disturbing pastabout child sex abuse.When I was only 10, myuncle had sexuallyabused me. I want to telleveryone that behindthis glamour doll imageof mine lurks a disturbedchildhood,” saidSophia at a functionorganized in Powai tohonor women achieverson Thursday.
She later told TOI,Through my story, Iwant to reach out to allthe young girls who maybe in a similar situation;in order to help themfight back against such horrid sex pestsand assaulters.” Sophia also mentionedthat this childhood incident of hers didaffect her in many ways, but now she ishappy to have come out of it in a positiveway to contribute to the society, especiallyother minor girls, who can also be in avulnerable situation.
“I have recently come out of a bad andviolent relationship with a man, but Iwant to say that all these sad experiencesshould help you become a stronger and abetter human being,”added Sophia, whowas recently seen in aTV reality show onBindass entertainmentchannel.The event to honourwomen achievers wasorganised by YoungEnvironmentalistsProgramme Trust atRodas Ecotel. Thefounder of YEPT,Elsie Gabriel, toldTOI:
“Several prominentwomen such astheatre personalityDolly Thakore, advocateAbha Singh, musicianSunita Bhuyan,fashion designer AartiVijay Gupta, and NaviMumbai based animalactivists Aditi Lahiri, Rinki Banerji andRoshni Mazumdar were among thosealso honoured today.” Daniel Chattertonof Green-team Rodas, commented: “It iswonderful to welcome achievers whoinspire. By sharing their success morewomen will reach for the stars.” Thetheme of the event was inspired byMahatma Gandhi’s philosophy: ‘Be thechange that you would like to see’.

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