Jay And Mahhi To Tie The Knot Again

Jay Bhanushali and Mahhi Vijj who havebeen giving Bingo performances on StarPlus’ Nach Baliye 5 recently made a confessionabout their marriage. The couplewho had a court marriage has been marriedfor a year and a half now and feelblissful about the togetherness.But Jay who has been holding back feelingsfor Mahi, finally spilled the beanswhen Shilpa Shetty said that it was timefor her Jadu ki Chuti.
Jay spoke his heartout before Mahhi and said how shemeant the world to him and her presencealways makes him complete. Jay alsoadded that since he doesn’t like to sit inone place for a long time he didn’t optfor a traditional Hindu wedding and tookthe quick court marriage route. That iswhen his lovely wife Mahi and Shilpa gotreally emotional and the handsome actorpromised Mahi that they will have a marriageceremony on their 25th weddinganniversary.This gesture shows the couple’s commitmentto stay together for the next 25years but currently what is on everyone’smind is whether the talented duo willtake home the Nach Baliye 5 trophy.

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