Fijian Actor Makes Good Impression In Bollywood

SUVA – Fijian actor Anil Rai Mani is a wanted man in Bollywood. That is what Bollywood film director Raju Kafley said about Mani, the first Fijian to make a break in any Bollywood film.bKafley said the Fijian impressed him right from their first encounter.

And he recommended Mani to any film maker in the Indian film industry. Mani will make his debut in Kafley’s “Nirankush”, a psychological journey thriller which is set to be released soon. His character, a psychic villain is parallel to the hero of the film.

“He’s got action in him, I was very happy with him when we were shooting the film,” said the film director. Kafley said even the very fine and best of actors in the film industry would have to do their actions on re-takes after re-take.

“But he is so perfect, we don’t have to keep going for re-takes for him. “He’s just unbeatable, he’s got the talent, the energy and he’s the best.” The film maker said Mani had everything a director would look for from the looks, the confidence and having a unique wit.

“Basically from my experience, I haven’t seen any Fijian in Indian or in any film and he is the first and it’s been very encouraging for me” he said. Mani said it was not easy competing with several people to get that role.

“I’m really proud to be the first Fijian to be in Bollywood,” he said “I’m going to win the hearts of the Indians and this will go on. ” I’m very proud to tell everyone here that I’m from Fiji.”

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