8 Year Old Mehar Mehmi Wins Karate BC Championships

VANCOUVER – Eight year old blue belt, Mehar Mehmi, of Hayabusa Karate won a gold medal in the 8-9 year old girls category at the 2013 Karate BC Championships last Saturday in Vancouver.

Mehar’s parents Ravi and Vandana, as well as her little brother Armaan, who also practices karate are very proud and supportive of Mehar’s accomplishments and dedication.

Mehar and her brother Armaan were among the first students of Hayabusa Karate, opened by 6 time national champion, Valentyna Zolotarova in 2010. The Mehmi family has been very supportive of the young and growing club. They have watched Hayabusa Karate grow from a new karate school to a competitive club full of Karate BC Champions and their daughter from a beginner to a Karate BC Champion. Mehar’s team mates Gwyndoline Tingey, Sarah Perez and their instructor, Valentyna Zolotarova all won gold medals at the 2013 Karate BC Championships. Mehar’s team-mates Emma, Breanna and Sydney also won a medal in team kata. The silver and bronze medalists in Mehar’s division (Breanna Leard and Sydney Porter) are also students of Hayabusa Karate.  The three young ladies demonstrated great sportsmanship and congratulated each other with pride that that their team mates placed in the top three in British Columbia.

Winning the gold was not an easy task. Mehar has been training for two and a half years and has competed in more than ten tournaments since she began karate. This is her second gold medal. Mehar won the her first gold at the Zone 5 Championships  in April 2013 which gave her the opportunity to compete at the Provincial Championships .  Mehar was very happy with her result at the Zone 5 Tournament and was determined to achieve the same result at the more difficult Provincial Championships. Motivated by their accomplishments, Mehar and her Hayabusa team-mates are now training hard for their next competition.

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