Official Inauguration of Seattle’s Summer Sports Coaching Camp

In an effort to train young boys and girls in various fields of sports and games during the vacation period, the 4th Summer Sports Coaching Camp 2013 has been organized by Indo-American Sports Training Center Seattle with active support of the community at Meridian School grounds in the city of Kent. The coaching camp was inaugurated in the presence of community activists and the famous environmentalist Padam Shri Baba Sewa Singh Khadur Sahib Wale who is on a good-will tour to the USA for the purpose of creating awareness on socio-religious and ethno-cultural issues.

Around 150 youngsters are taking part in this camp which is organized every year under the supervision and able guidance of the qualified coaches like Gurcharn Singh Dhillon who is a renowned international wrestling coach. The integrated camp which provides training to players in soccer, athletic events, volleyball, wrestling and basketball will run for more than a month during the summer break.

Baba Sewa Singh who is running many educational institutions in India asked the participating youth in the camp to gain knowledge of their history, live by their respective religious-cultural and social values so as to serve humanity in a better way.

While addressing the campers, Dr Raghbir Singh Bains, drug therapist and community activist from Canada, said that the summer camp will benefit the participating campers in acquiring their physical fitness, growth in self-confidence, self-esteem, communal cooperation, mutual communication and new friendships. He shed light on the menace of drugs and asked the camp participants to stay away from social evils and to excel in life for establishing peace, prosperity and global unity. He further said that the camp will prove to be a golden opportunity for the juniors and budding players to fine tune their skills in life.

Gurcharan Singh Dhillon who is pioneer runner of the summer coaching camps said that this camp will provide great opportunities and all-round experiences to the children in the fields of personality development, good quality health, positive fun making and educational fields to build up a stronger society.

The campers welcomed the guests and parents amazingly by holding posters and handouts against drugs and other social evils. They pledged to serve the society by staying away from drugs and concentrating on their education.
Among those present included Principal Gurdial Singh Gill from Khadur Sahib, Wariam Singh, Gurdev Singh Khehra, Gurdip Singh Sidhu, Jaswinder Singh Kaler, Jagdev Singh Sandhu, Parminder Singh, Manmohan Singh Dhaliwal, Amarjit Singh Gill, Lashkar Singh SP, Sakattar Singh, Amrik Singh Khabra, Balhar Singh Kooner, Talwinder Singh,  and other community members who thanked the organizers for opening up the summer camp for all the children in the community which will provide all around positive experiences to future generations.

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