The Conjuring (PG) * * * *

Scare-fest Hits High Note With The Conjuring!


Good scares are hard to come by.  Trust Warner Brothers to hit one out of the park with The Conjuring.  Smart, sophisticated and expertly acted, this dynamic thriller will shock the living daylights out of you.  Bad things can happen to good people and audiences at Empire Studio 12, Colossus and Cineplex Odeon cites across B.C. are sure to leave shaken and considerably stirred after bearing witness to some unspeakable goings on.

Don’t tempt the devil – or do so at your own peril.  Demonic possession in on the menu big time in this 112 minute shocker that’s full of hidden surprises.  On the trail of unexpected occurrences are paranormal investigators extraordinaire Lorraine and Ed Watson.  Fully believable in the role of the  educated sleuths are Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson (Hard Candy).  Much sought after by reputation and thanks to their past achievements the pair make their way to a rural townhouse inhabited by a nice family having a hard time of it.

Into a brand new mansion of a home, in the middle of nowhere, come the Peron family. Something evil occurs in this house and Carolyn Peron does her best to keep things going in a positive direction.  Cast as the loving wife and mother is Lili Taylor.  What follows this normal family will freak you out as all sorts of strange occurrences begin to take place.

Master director of suspense James Wan honed his craft in the Saw series and has one upped his skills here.  Through the use of smart special effects and subtle touches you watch as this family become immersed in a deadly game of mystery and paranoia as something evil comes their way.  Set in Massachussetts past demons rise and new horrors begin as one by one members of this upstanding family fall pretty to pure evil.

Witty and full of style, The Conjuring is one of the best horror films in years.   Picture a modern day retelling of the classic The Exorcist and you’ll bear witness to an evil that fills the screen and wrecks havoc on this quaint family ‘s life

Sensational slow-building tension highlights The Conjuring, a very hug me till it’s over movie that will freak you out!

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