LA Bar Which Put Up Sikh Gurus’ Portraits Hears It From Local Sikhs, Agrees To Remove Them

LOS ANGELES – Pikey Bar in Los Angeles, California has ridiculed the Sikh Gurus by displaying full size portraits of the Gurus in their establishment serving alcohol. The Sikhs have suffered terrible anguish because of this distasteful act.

After much outcry from local Sikhs, the bar has agreed to remove the pictures which are clearly not suitable for a place which liquor and meat is served and is the centre of other illicit activities.
The company should have done their research prior to using these paintings in their establishment. What is disrespectful is the fact they have failed to take action in a timely manner. The photos have been there since they opened last year, and they did get complaints about this before.

Some are also blaming local Sikhs who have gone there and did not raise awareness earlier. There are picture’s on Instagram of Sikhs in the bar with guru’s picture in back.

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