India Has 13 Million Slaves

NEW DELHI – Slavery, a systemunder which people aretreated as property -bought andsold, and are forced to work,existed since the time immemorial.Today, there are still an estimatedof almost 30 million slavesworldwide in spite of its illegalitiesin every country. Accordingto a global slavery index recentlyreleased, many of the victimswho are trafficked by gangs forsex work, unskilled labour, areoften -victims of debt bondage–. Out of the 162 countries surveyedby Walk Free, anAustralian-based rights group,almost half are reported inIndia, where slavery ranges fromforced labour in factories tocommercial sex exploitation,reports Timothy Large forReuters.It is also found that 10 countriesincluding India, China, Pakistan,Nigeria, Ethiopia, Russia,Thailand, the DemocraticRepublic of Congo, Myanmarand Bangladesh accounted for76 percent of the 29.8 millionpeople living in slavery.The index further defined modernslavery as human trafficking,forced labour, and practicessuch as debt bondage, forcedmarriage, and the sale orexploitation of children.The report said, “Today somepeople are still being born intohereditary slavery, a staggeringbut harsh reality, particularly inparts of West Africa and SouthAsia,” reports Reuters.

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