Baby Comes Early For Indo-Canadian Mother Who Delivers In Cab

Abdul Jabbar raced his taxi towards the hospital carrying AnitaRana, a very pregnant passenger, along with her sister-in-law andhusband Veer Singh Rana. But the baby wouldn’t wait, and momstarted to deliver the baby in the backseat

VANCOUVER – A SouthAsian Vancouver cab driver wasin for a surprise when the Indo-Canadian woman he was supposedto be delivering to a hospitalinstead delivered a baby onthe way, in the back seat of hiscab.Abdul Jabbar picked up a fare inEast Vancouver at 5 a.m.Sunday asking to go to BCWomen’s Hospital in a hurry.“The husband says ‘let’s gofast,’” Jabbar told CTV News.He raced his taxi towards thehospital carrying Anita Rana, avery pregnant passenger, alongwith her sister-in-law and husbandVeer Singh Rana. But thebaby wouldn’t wait, and momstarted to deliver the baby in thebackseat. “She said ‘no, I thinkthe baby is coming’ and ‘I thinkwe have a situation, the baby iscoming,’” Jabbar said.The cab driver said he didn’tknow the baby girl was bornuntil he heard her cry.Jabbar delivered the stunnedfamily safely to the hospital, butdidn’t actually see the baby untilTuesday when he visited thefamily at their home.“Oh, she’s beautiful,” Jabbarsaid after seeing the stillunnamed girl with her parents.The girl’s father, Veer SinghRana, told CTV News he was anervous wreck in the taxi.“So much tension for me,” hesaid. “I’m looking for wife –how is the wife?”Mom Anita said she was afraidfor herself and her daughter.Speaking through a translator,Anita said she was frightened,but felt better after hearing herbaby cry. After being thankedprofusely by the grateful family,Jabbar insisted he was just doinghis job, and couldn’t ask for abetter reward than seeing thehappy and healthy baby.Courtesy CTV News

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