End Of Air Care Doesn’t Mean That We Shouldn’t All Do Our Part To Preserve Our Clean Air!

Dear Editor:The Air Care programme is about to diebut question of pollution control willsurvive. After the complete shut downthe programme we need to know whatproportions of Air purity will maintain?This is important because global warmingand climate change has becomemajor challenges to face – now andbefore.The old vehicle those require Air Carewill continue running on a road withoutfurther inspection. It will be a difficultto determine how far they are safe forenvironment protection ? How would itbe monitored? Pollution point would beentangled until they are in use.All new edition vehicles are manufacturedaccording to the standard ofmaintaining Air control act. Thereforethis matter makes less concern.With ever increasing population, a giantdevelopment take place around us as aresult our daily demands require moretechnical equipment which creates aserious threat to clean and green environment.Take all possible positive precaution topreserve our beautiful environment .Minimise and meaningful use of technologyby individual help to improveAir quality control level.Hanif A. PatelSurrey, BC

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