India Ranked Among The Worst On Corruption Perception Index

BERLIN – India was rankedamong the world’s highly corruptnations at the 94th spot ina global list topped by Denmarkand New Zealand as the cleanest,while Somalia emerged asthe most corrupt.While India’s rank has remainedunchanged from the last year, ithas emerged as more corruptthan three of its BRICS peers -China (80th), South Africa andBrazil (both ranked 72nd) – butbetter than Russia (127th) in thisannual list of 177 countriescompiled by TransparencyInternational. India has scored36 points on a scale of 0-100,where 0 means that a country isperceived as highly corrupt and100 means it is perceived as veryclean. Top-ranked Denmark andNew Zealand have scored 91points each to share the firstplace on the list. Somalia shareslowest rank with North Koreaand Afghanistan with eightpoints each. Denmark and NewZealand are followed byFinland, Sweden, Norway,Singapore, Switzerland,Netherlands, Australia andCanada in the top 10. India hasdone better than its neighbourPakistan (ranked 127th), as alsocountries such as Thailand(102nd), Mexico (106th), Egypt(114th), Nepal (116th) andVietnam (116th).

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