US Presidential Award For Two Indo-American Scientists

WASHINGTON – PresidentBarack Obama has namedtwo Indo-Americans among102 scientists as recipients of apresidential award — the highesthonour bestowed by the US onyoung science and engineeringprofessionals.The winners, includingKarunesh Ganguly of San FranciscoVA Medical Center andHardeep Singh of Houston VAMedical Center, will receive thePresidential Early Career Awardsfor Scientists and Engineers at aceremony here next year.“The impressive achievementsof these early-stage scientistsand engineers are promisingindicators of even greatersuccesses ahead,” Obama said ina White House statement.“We are grateful for theircommitment to generating thescientific and technical advancementsthat will ensure America’sglobal leadership for many yearsto come,” he said.The awards, established byPresident Bill Clinton in 1996,are coordinated by the Office ofScience and Technology Policywithin the Executive Office ofthe President.Awardees are selected fortheir pursuit of innovative researchat the frontiers of scienceand technology and their commitmentto community serviceas demonstrated through scientificleadership, public education,or community outreach.

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