Tips For Staying Healthy Over The Holiday Season!

Throughout the holiday seasonand during the winter months,Emergency Departments areextremely busy and visits canincrease dramatically. Doctor’soffices and pharmacies are oftenclosed or have reduced hoursover the holidays. Fraser Healthis reminding the public to take afew simple steps to avoid unnecessarytrips to the hospital.• For non-urgent care duringoffice hours, call your familydoctor or the doctor on call forthe practice or clinic.• Consider going to a ocal walkinclinic. Call ahead to check theclinic’s hours.• Try to see your doctor beforethe holidays, if you have anydeveloping health concerns.• Know the holiday hours foryour local pharmacy or drugstore, and ensure your prescriptionsare up to date and filledprior to the holidays.•Call HealthLink BC at 8-1-1 forconfidential health informationand non-emergency services 24hours a day, seven days a week.For deaf and hearing-impairedassistance (TTY), call 7-1-1.•If you are concerned about apossible poisoning or exposureto a toxic substance, call PoisonControl at 1-800-567-8911.“Over the holidays we see spikesin the number of patient visitsto our Emergency Departmentsand sometimes these visits canbe avoided by simply planningahead,” says Dr. Anne Clarke,Program Medical Director forEmergency Services at FraserHealth. “We use a triage systemin the Emergency to ensure priorityis given to those patientsrequiring the most urgent care.Of course, we do remindpatients that if at any time theyfeel they need urgent medicalattention, they should immediatelygo to the EmergencyDepartment or call 9-1-1”More tips for staying safe andhealthy over the holidays:•Slow down and enjoy this time.It can get very busy and stressful.•Don’t drink and drive. Get acab or have a designated driver,instead.•Take care when crossing thestreet or driving. Short daylighthours and rainy weather makesdriving more difficult andpedestrians harder to see.•Wash your hands (or use analcohol-based hand rub) beforeeating and after using the toilet.•Get a flu shot.•Get regular exercise and eatnutritious foods.

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