Agra Tandoori Offers Royal Cuisine That Is High On Taste!

Proprietor Bhupinder Singh Sandhu has brought hismany years in the culinary business to a great destinationat the Agra Tandooir Restaurant, 110-3790 Canada Wayin Burnaby, which opened just over a year ago. With itsmixture of northern and southern Indian dishes with aspecial emphasis on East African-style Indian cuisine,Agra Tandoori offers all its patrons tasty Indian flavor.
Proprietor Bhupinder SinghSandhu has brought his manyyears in the culinary business toa great destination at the AgraTandooir Restaurant, 110-3790Canada Way in Burnaby, whichopened just over a year ago.With its mixture of northernand southern Indian disheswith a special emphasis on EastAfrican-style Indian cuisine,Agra Tandoori offers all its patrons tasty Indian flavor.Sandhu has been in therestaurant business as a chefand owner for over 15 years,with a long stint at the popularKingsway eatery Samosa Gardenwhere he worked alongsidethat restaurant’s proprietor AlyHasham, who remains a closefriend of Sandhu and a frequentvisitor and business associate..Sandhu said the decision toopen Agra Tandoori was to offera similar type of cuisine that wasavailable to patrons at the SamosaGarden, which is no longeropen, in the diverse Burnabyarea.“Many of our customerswere looking for a restaurant likethis in this area and we are happyto oblige and the response hasbeen excellent,” Sandhu told theLINK.Aly says his former partnerSandhu is very knowledgeableabout all styles of Indian cuisineand has worked hard to establishhimself in the local restaurantbusiness.“He’s a great chef and thesuccess we achieved at SamosaGarden is proof of Bhupinder’sabilities and that is the reason allof our old clients come to Agranow,” said Aly Hasham.Agra Tandoori has over a100 items on their menu withsome of the most popular onesbeing Butter Chicken, BombayFish Curry, Butter Prawn, LambCurry, Seekh Kebabs and otherspecial dishes for the whole family.And the restaurant stressesthat it serves absolutely no porkout of respect for it’s Muslimcustomers.They also run a lunch buffetfrom Monday to Friday witha daily change in the large menuitems. Along with nightly fulldining menu, Agra Tandoorialso offers special take-out menuwith all the favorite items as wellas many specials. They also offerfull catering for small and largeparties with onsite Tandoor!The LINK team got theopportunity to sample some ofAgra Tandoori’s tasty dishes duringa recent lunch. We chose tosample the buffet, which on thisday included Butter Chicken,Goat Curry, Tandoori Chicken,Shahi Paneer and others. OwnerSandhu also provided some otherdishes such as the meat samosaswhich were not in the lunchbuffet.The dishes are well preparedand as spicy or mild as you likeit. It was a very hearty an satisfyinglunch and a great dessert ofmango pudding was a nice touchto cap off the meal.The restaurant is open sevendays a week for dinner andlunch from Monday to Fridayfrom 11:30 a.m. to 10 pm. andweekends 12:30pm to 10 pm.They also do take-out and deliveryorders usually till 9-9:30. Forbookings call Agra Tandoori at604-430-1600.

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