Much Talked About Trans Link Border Tax Is A Great Injustice!

Dear Editor: The much trumped Trans Link bordertax is a great injustice to Canadian people.Choice of shopping has no freedom.Before bringing border tax it is requireto know how and where tax fund used bythe authority. When ordinary people geta chance to buy cheaper items across theborder than government want to controlon consumer by imposing tax but thereIs no control over leaders when theyspend tax fund limitless.Our Ministers undertake trip to Asia,Central America Panama and other partof the world with a view to strengthenbi-lateral relationship . The mere motiveis to gain advantage in trade industry butstill Canadians find cheaper items acrossthe border so what do we achieve fromthis type of economic treaty. To organized2010 G – 20 Toronto Summit governmentspent billions of dollars . Thecost of the Summit had sparked an outcryagainst government. Widespreadprotest registered by the people. If sameamount could be used towards Canadianservice facility than many public sectorderive substantial benefit.Why we have to suffer serious cut backin health care, education, transit and variouspublic service development becauseextravagance from government coffers.First need to do study why tax money notbeing used wisely by politicians.Our leaders should stay away fromexcessive spend and tax fund use in anappropriate way so we do not have toimpose extra tax burden on public.Hanif A. PatelSurrey, B.C.

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