South Cabbie Returns More Than $1000 Left Behind

SASKATOON – Another honestSouth Asian cabbie inCanada has returned a large sumof cash left behind in his cab bya customerJohn Bowden left more than$1,000 cash in a cab last monthwhen he was dropped off at theairport, but he didn’t realize ituntil he was in Calgary about toboard a flight to Mexico, reportedCanadian Press.Bowden received a voicemailthe next day from cab driverKalim Khan.Khan said he immediately contactedBowden when he noticedthe bag full of cash in the backseat of his cab.He told Bowden he had hismoney and would hold it forhim until he got back from vacation.Khan, who is 37, personallydropped the cash off atBowden’s home when hereturned.“I tried to call him back, but thephone was not responding,”Khan recalled of the momenthe found the money. “I droppedhim a message. I was really in ashocking position (and wondering)how is this guy going toenjoy his trip?“I was thinking this would be amiserable situation for them.”Khan said he didn’t think twiceabout returning the money.Many other Saskatoon taxi driverswould have done the samething, he said.“Even if it is a penny thatbelongs to somebody or 25cents, give them back. That isyour responsibility. If you arenot giving them back, you arenot honest to yourself and nothonest to your society.”Bowden offered Khan a $150reward. Khan said he initiallyrefused, but later told Bowdenhe would accept it and hang iton his wall as an “award.”The best part about the potentiallydisastrous situation, saidKhan, is that an unexpectedfriendship has developed. Thetwo men text back and forth,and Bowden always requestsKhan when he calls for a cab.Courtesy Canadian Press

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