Pravasi Bhartiya Divas And NRI Functions Were A Big Flop

By Charan Gill

I’m saddened to say that boththe Pravasi Bhartiya Divas andNRI functions I attended werea flop. People who attendedwere very disappointed as theyfelt they were not listened to.The ones that needed to speakwith Government officials wereseated in the back while the ex-Liberals MPS seemed to havebought out the media by thegovernment giving them 5 lakhrupees.Majority of the Canadian delegateshad their hotel accommodationpaid for as well as givenvehicles for the duration oftheir stay. It’s amazing howquickly they took advantage ofand abused the privilege. Thistax money should have beenspent to improve the well-beingof the local people.At one of the political functions,singers were invited andCanadian politicians and somemedia people were dancing tothe Bhangra tunes and throwingmoney as if they were at a wedding.Their behaviour made mesick because of the pureexploitation and disregard ofthe poor and oppressed localpeople.On behalf of PICS Society, Iwrote several letters to theFederal Foreign Affairs Ministerand Chief Minister of Punjabexpressing our concern overmany issues which are botheringus in Canada. Unfortunately,they never responded, however,I found they created some positivelaws, which have never andwill never be implemented astheir main concern is to protecttheir friends and associatesdespite that they engage incriminal acts – the drug trade isstrictly controlled by politicians.I believe one of the positiveoutcomes in New Delhi isthrough the Aam Aadmi Party –Ordinary Folk Party – whodemonstrated democratic valuesand raised the awareness ofpeople in India.This party showed the power ofthe people and toppled theDelhi corrupt government.Their major aim is to help theordinary folks and fight corruptionand punish the culprits.They don’t have any specificpolitical philosophy, they onlywant to address the needs ofthe ordinary folks and theirmessage has spread all overIndia like wildfire.Hopefully they’ll maintain theirmomentum and wake up theordinary folks who have beenexploited by major political parties.Charan Gill is the CEO ofProgressive Intercultural CommunityServices (PICS) Society.

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