South Asian Gang Associates Charged Following “Drug Dealing” Investigation

Alleged gang associates ZemaanChaudhry and Alvinder Sekhon,both Surrey residents, werearrested by CFSEU-BC officersfor trafficking and possession ofa controlled substance on June25, 2013. Charges againstChaudhry and Sekhon wererecently approved by CrownCounsel.SURREY – Two gang associatesof the former Indo-Canadiangangsters Dhak-Duhre and UNGang alliance were recentlycharged by Crown Counsel followingan investigation by theCombined Forces SpecialEnforcement Unit of BritishColumbia (CFSEU).In May 2013, CFSEU-BC initiatedan investigation into thecriminal activities of ZemaanChaudhry, a member of theDhak crime group, after receivinginformation that he wasallegedly operating a drug dealingenterprise in the LowerMainland and on VancouverIsland.It was also believed thathe had taken control of the formerdrug lines run by ManjinderHairan and Sukh Dhak, both ofwhom who were gunned downlast year.As the investigation quickly progressed,it was discovered in theinitial stages that a second man,Alvinder Sekhon, an associate ofChaudhry, was allegedlyinvolved in the criminal enterprisewith Chaudhry.Evidence gathered during theinvestigation identified severalresidences allegedly utilized byChaudhry and Sekhon as stashhouses for a drug traffickingenterprise that provided largequantities of drugs throughoutthe Lower Mainland and toVancouver Island.On June 25, 2013, 26-year-oldZemaan Chaudhry and 21-yearoldAlvinder Sekhon, bothSurrey residents, were arrestedby CFSEU-BC officers for traffickingand possession of a controlledsubstance.Subsequent to the arrests,CFSEU-BC and RCMP LowerMainland ERT members executedsearch warrants at threeresidences, one in the 6600block of 120th street in Surrey,one in the 13000 block of 70thAvenue of Surrey, and one inthe 8700 block of 161 street inSurrey, as well as two associatedvehicles.During the searches, officersrecovered/discovered:• A loaded .40 caliber Taurussemi-automatic pistol;• 259 grams of cocaine;• 80 grams of heroin;• 158 grams of opium;• 708 grams of MDMA;• 876 grams of Fentanyl;• 342 grams of Phenacetin;• Approximately 3 lbs of packagedmarihuana;• 200 Oxycodone pills;• Numerous small plastic bagsof pre-packaged heroin andcrack cocaine;• Approximately $32,000 inCanadian currency;• Plastic bags/sealers/packagingmaterial consistent with drugtrafficking;• Money counters;• GPS trackers, cell phone jammers,zap straps/duct tape;• Sophisticated hidden compartmentsinside both vehicles andone of the residences.

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