Why Politicians Do Not Seem To Be Interested In Telling The Truth Any Longer?


Prime Minister Brian Mulroneypromised patronage appointmentsto all living and breathingTories … That sounded prettyarrogant. But I rather live withthat kind of blunt and shamelesstruth than lies.The first Prime Minister ofIndia was Pt Jawaharlal Nehru. Iliked. The whole country likedhim. But I never campaigned forhis party or voted for his party.The truth is I never voted inIndia. Not that I was a delinquentyouth, but I never stayedin any one city long enough tobe registered as a bona fidevoter. Besides, the leaders whowere replacing leaders likeNehru one after the otherseemed more committed to winningelections than helping outordinary people like me. Thatwas India for me.Then, in 1970 I came to Canadavia UK and USA. I did not votethere either. Actually politically Icame of age in Canada, where Icast my first ballet, first time in afederal election. It was PierreTrudeau era. His kind of politicsfelt like a noble profession. As anew immigrant I fell in love withhim.Since then, politics has changed;a lot. It has become a game ofchess — what to say, when to say,how to say, what not to say andwhat to deny that you ever saidthat. I notice too much of readjustmentof truth goes on inpolitics. Initially I found theHouse of Common and theUpper House as two goodschools to go to and learn aboutCanada. Now I feel they are failing.The elected Members ofParliament and unelectedSenators (the teachers) are allfailing. Ask them a question duringQuestion Periods, but don’texpect of an honest answer;don’t even dream of an answer.They say, “It is a question period,not an answer period.” Arethey teaching us to lie, manipulate,deflect or attack the integrityof the individual who is askingthe question?Recently a number of Senatorswere found with cookie crumbsstuck on their upper lips andhands in the jar. They were theones who were appointed by thesame gentleman who ran hiscampaign on ‘sanitation platform,’to replace the corruptgoverning party. Look the kindof sweepers he hired to do thejob? Not only they did not cleanwell, they left a lot of messbehind. One of them, PatrickBrazeau has gone from sitting inthe Senate to helping run a stripclub.Did I mention readjustment oftruth? Yes I did. Here is anexample. Income Splitting – atax benefit was promised on the2011 campaign trails. Now, it isnot such a great idea. Well, thereis no harm in coming to senses abit late, but then do not brandishAndrew Leslie for charging$72,000 for moving expensesjust because he is a Liberal.Conservative generals havedone the same. It is like the potcalling a kettle black.In the past, politicians have beenaccused of bribing voters withfree rides to the polling stations.Well, I never did find anythingwrong with helping senior citizenor handicapped individualsdo their civic duty, but tellingvoters that their polling stationshave been changed is down rightcriminal.Currently, I am anxiously waitingto hear what Justin Trudeauhas to say. We know who JustinTrudeau is. However, he needsto define himself, not throughhis honourable father, PierreTrudeau, who gave us theCharter of Rights andFreedoms, a holy scripture ofhuman rights. But he has to reintroducehimself on the basisof his own strength, through hisown policies and programs, nothis dad’s. If I were living inIndia I would have never supportedRahul Gandhi justbecause he is the grandson ofPundit Nehru.What is he going to do for themiddle class, the seniors andjuniors, veterans and the economyof the nation? I don’tunderstand why the governmentstreat public servants astheir enemies. Is Mr. Trudeaugoing to be fair to them? I was apublic servant. I served the publicfor more than 30 years withmore loyalty than politicians. Hehas to share his burning prioritiesand the priorities he canafford to put on the back burnerand yet win the next election?The latest Angus Reid latestpost-budget polls puts conservativessupport at 32%, Liberal31% and NDP 26%. I think it ispretty reassuring for theLiberals. Now all they have todo, especially Justine Trudeau isto come out of in the open andtell us what he is going to do ornot do and help us decide whereto park our support.Dr. Suresh Kurl is a formerUniversity Professor, a retiredRegistrar of the BC Benefits AppealBoard and an Ex-Member of theNational Parole Board.

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