Trudeau Led Liberals Jump To 8 Point Lead In Latest Poll As Conservatives Get No Play From Budget

It’s Time For Celebrate For Trudeau And Liberals Who Are Holding Their Party Convention This Weekend!

MONTREAL – Justin Trudeauled federal Liberals now have aneight-point lead over theConservatives as they head intothis weekend’s policy conventionin Montreal, according to anew Ipsos Reid/CTV Newspoll.If an election were held tomorrow,this is what the vote breakdownwould look like:Liberals: 37 per cent (+4 pointssince early February)Conservatives: 29 per cent(unchanged)NDP: 24 per cent (-3)Bloc Quebecois: 5 per cent (-2)Other (including Green Party):5 per cent (+1)Undecided: 18 per centAt the same time, a majority ofsurveyed Canadians say they feelindifferent about the federalbudget tabled on Feb. 11. Morethan 70 per cent said they simplyshrugged it off, while 76 percent said it doesn’t impact thempositively or negatively.The latest poll surveyed 1,034Canadians online between Feb.14 and Feb. 18. The results areaccurate within 3.5 percentagepoints.The poll suggests that theConservative government failedto capture momentum with its“boring” budget, which garneredthe least amount of reactionin years, according to IpsosReid.More than 40 per cent of thosesurveyed think the budgetfocused too much on deficitreduction, and 25 per centthought the budget focused toomuch on spending. Thirty-fourper cent believe that Flahertystruck the right balance.Before the budget was tabled, 46per cent of Canadians approvedof the government’s overallmanagement of the economy.Immediately following thebudget, that figure rose onlyslightly, to 47 per cent.“This is the lowest rated budgetfor the Tories over other yearswhere this question was asked ofCanadians, but also the one thatgarnered the least amount ofreaction – positive or negative,”states an Ipsos-Reid report onthe survey. “It is time for newleadership on the economy andgrowth for the middle class.Above all, it is time for newideas, and that is what we will beoffering Canadians this week atthe Liberal Biennial Conventionin Montréal,” said Trudeauahead of the convention.“We are building a team withCanadians, listening to theirconcerns and ideas, and proposingbold actions from those conversations.Liberals from acrossthe country will be continuingthe conversation this week as webuild our plan with Canadians.”

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