Former BC Liberal MLA Stripped Of $140,000 Handout After NDP Pressure

Christy Clark Liberals Have Made It A Habit Of Announcing Things Public Finds Outrageous And Then They Are Quickly Extinguished!

John Les was to be paid $140,000 this year to serve on the government’s earthquake preparedness committee. But after the opposition NDP took the BC Liberals to task and with growing public outrage – the contract was quickly cancelled.

VICTORIA – Attorney General Susan Anton announced on Tuesday that former MLA John Les will get $140,000 to sit on Earth Quake readiness committee but on Tuesday Premier Christy Clark had stepped in and cancelled the handout after the opposition NDP took the BC Liberals to task public outrage grew.

Earlier in the week, the NDP said in a press release that the B.C. Liberal government found jobs for their political allies, but has failed for 30 months to help the thousands of other British Columbians looking for work.

“Thirty months ago, the premier told British Columbians that creating employment was her ‘primary mission.’ B.C. has the worst record of private sector job creation in this country over those 30 months. Last month alone, this province lost 10,400 jobs,” said New Democrat finance critic Mike Farnworth.

“More than 12,000 people have given up and left B.C. to find work elsewhere in Canada.”

New Democrat jobs critic Harry Bains noted that there are currently 150,000 British Columbians looking for work.

“While people looking for work in this province are watching jobs disappear, the premier has managed to find $1 million for 20 patronage appointments,” said Bains.

“The Liberal job creation strategy has worked just fine for people like failed B.C. Liberal candidates Gabby Kalaw and Hector Bremner who landed jobs working for Minister of International Trade Teresa Wat,” said deputy finance critic Mable Elmore.

“A million dollars in pay and perks to Liberal insiders. Seventeen million dollars spent advertising a failed jobs strategy. And a staff of 299 communications workers whose job it is to prop up the premier and cabinet. If the government really wants to make tough choices, it should start by looking in the mirror,” said Farnworth.

Clark said Les’s appointment and salary are not in keeping with the government’s goals of keeping costs down while growing the economy.

NDP Leader Adrian Dix now says he is pleased with the government’s about-face, but he’s calling on the Liberals to withdraw other patronage appointments.

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