Totem Dazzles And Delights Young And Old

By Alan Samuel

Metro Vancouver residents and visitors alike are in for a treat if they venture down to the old Expo lands by Rogers Arena.  Under the big top canvas tents appears Totem the latest  fascination from  Cirque de Soleil.  One of Canada’s true success stories this all Canadian company continues to dazzle with their latest breakthrough vision.

Steeped In History and with an accent on Aboriginal tradition Native British Columbians will truly be able to relate to this fabulous tale of struggle, survival and humour. Instead of venturing down to Las Vegas to catch  one of the more glitzier shows based in those monstrous strip hotels you truly get a sense of that whole circus atmosphere under the big top.

Nature and tradition is flawlessly utilized as lucky audience members will witness a moving stage. Egged on by a wonderful chant First Nations people come to life as do the odd caveman or two before going to the beach.. Soon your jaws will drop and mind focus on a series of truly unbelievable acts that will leave you asking how did they do this?

Months of practice has clearly paid off as the participants in this sizzling razzmatazz event have unbelievable concentration, co-ordination and combustible chemistry. The three c s resonate well with show stoppers including a fascinating unicycle act, a nutty professor type and a series of high wire acrobats. Underlying themes of nature, water, Aboriginal culture, romance and wacky humour all define Totem.  Brilliantly written and expertly executed Totem inspires and the creative imaginative juices flow flawlessly here.

Lavish costumes and a changing landscape grip you throughout this 2 1/2 hour extravaganza that will easily go down as one of the best Cirque du Soleil productions of them all. Perfect family entertainment and with lovely comfortable seats that won’t leave your bum soar but will leave your jaw gaping at what you’ve just experienced  make a Totem a winning treat.

For tickets or more information on Totem go to www.cirquedusoleil.com or call

1 (800) 450-1480. Playing in Vancouver until July 6 if you are on the island or live elsewhere in B.C or the Pacific Northwest Totem is well worth a trip down to the Lower Mainland and well worth the expense.

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