Mayor Nenshi Urges Calgarians To Fight Global Poverty

Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi

By Zarif Alibhai

CALGARY – At the recently-held annual World Partnership Walk, Calgary Mayor, Naheed Nenshi came out to show support and urged Calgarians to join in an effort to fight global poverty

About 4500-5000 members of the Ismaili and mainstream communities came out to Prince’s Island Park to walk in order to raise funds as part of the 30th anniversary of this event in Calgary.

“One of the things I love about this particular walk is it shows that we as Calgarians are also global citizens,” says Nenshi. “We might not be walking for anyone we know or anyone we’ve ever met. But, we are actually walking for people around the world who need us, our voices and our resources. I think that’s says a lot about our community.”

Mayor Nenshi said Calgarians need to fight global poverty with the same fervor people did in battling the devastating June 2013 flood.

“We have power and resilience in our own humanity,” Nenshi says. “Looking after one another in our own community. We should be able to take that same power, the kind of power we saw after the floods last year for example and apply it to issues and people around the world.

“We have the power in our own hearts and minds to be able to make real change.”

The World Partnership Walk has raised over $800,000 dollars so far this year in Calgary, but the total is expected to climb to over a million dollars when the final total is announced in November. As the cheques and pledges are still coming in and will take some time.

If you want to contribute funds to this cause visit worldpartnershipwalk.com

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