Edge of Tomorrow (PG) ****

Soldier Of The Future Is Really All About The Past!

By Alan Samuel

Man the torpedoes and hold into your seats. Brace for action with no end In sight when you walk into Edge of Tomorrow.  Earth is ground zero in this science fiction thriller from Warner Brothers now making its mark at Cineplex Odeon Arenas across B.C.

Not everyone is cut out for war. Despite the dire need for soldiers with the free world under constant attack all officer William  Cage cares about is his spit-polished image as an ace recruiter for the cause, Tom Cruise  (Top Gun )leaves his bravado behind in a departure as a goody two-shoes cheerleader averse to combat.  Too bad commanding officer General  Brigham has no time for cowards and acting heavyweight Brenda Gleeson ultimately wins out.

Off to the front rookie Cage goes. Once on the ground the science fiction element kicks in as Cage lives and dies  with wreck less abandon a la Groundhog Day. Help is needed for Cage to survive and with a little help from a friend Edge of Tomorrow kicks into high gear. Sultry Emily Blunt takes tutoring to a new level as the pair endure all sorts of hardships in a race against time to stop a monster or two from destroying  a Earth.

Never a dull moment develops as director Doug Liman  scores  in creating  a great battlefield landscape with a wicked monster or two this way comes. Fearless acting from Cruise  and Blunt and good on screen chemistry despite being cooped up In Some Robocop-like contraptions help make Edge of tomorrow terrific fun. And as a much welcomed bonus for a change the 3-D effects work cohesively and are convincing.

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