Land Ho! (PG) ****

Odd-Couple Buddies Shtick Familiar But Enjoyable!

By Alan Samuel

Trips can be memorable.  Let’s hope the people if Iceland are able to recover from the jovial jabs lobbed their  way in Land Ho!   Funny and poignant this Sony Pictures Classics will warm your hearts at the Fifth Avenue Cinemas.

Experienced travellers know it helps to take a trip with someone you like. Mismatched buddies Mitch And Colin undergo lots of growing pains when their plane lands in Iceland. In a masterful bit of casting Earl Lynn Nelson and Paul Eenhoorn are outstanding as the aging Americans who must wrestle with their own diverse personalities in rather close quarters.  Picture the comradely/chemistry inherent in The classic The Odd couple t.v. Series and you’ll know what to expect.

Fresh and majestic here is the setting. Expect a boom in tourism to this winter wonderland as ice-lined Iceland looks awesome.  Encounters with the locals and geography are priceless as this pair of buffoons try to survive their new surroundings – and each other.

Written and directed by Aaron Katz  and Martha  Stephens this 95 minute film turns out to be he trip of a lifetime.

Smart, subtle performances featuring some classic political incorrectness that we can all identify with and many of us males secretly harbour deep within but are too timid/smart to  emote help make Land Ho!  a meaningful experience.

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