Naturopaths Sue Unlicensed Indo-Canadian Physicians In Surrey

These images were taken on an undercover video by investigators hired to film Sam Samrai (L) and her husband Sarge Sandhu (r). Both are accused of misleading the public to believe they are naturopathic doctors. (Focus Solutions Group)

B.C.’s College of Naturopathic Physicians claim Sarge Sandhu and Sam Samrai, who run South Point Natural Therapies, are providing treatment improperly.

SURREY – A pair of Indo-Canadian unlicensed naturopaths are being sued by the B.C.’s College of Naturopathic Physicians, who claims the owners of a Surrey clinic are improperly giving injections and claiming to be physicians.

The college has filed a petition in B.C. Supreme Court against the husband and wife who run South Point Natural Therapies.

“They thereby placed the public at risk. Their conduct was as such ‘reprehensible’ and has necessitated the bringing of this proceeding, and is deserving of rebuke,” the claim says.

Sarge Sandhu and Sam Samrai was targeted by undercover investigators, posing as patients seeking treatment.

The claim alleges that before March 2012, the couple held themselves out at naturopathic physicians, “falsely implying they were regulated by the College, raising concerns with the College about false advertising claims and unauthorized medical practices,” reported CTV news

The claim says the couple agreed not to continue in March 2012, but that the behaviour continued after that.

The undercover video, which was filed in court, shows Sandhu allegedly saying he has treated hockey players and UFC fighters, reported CBC news.

He also allegedly says he cured Surrey Mayor Dianne Watts when she broke her back.

In an affidavit, the college’s registrar says the couple agreed in 2012 not to hold themselves out as regulated doctors or to give injections and intravenous therapies.

The college alleges Sandhu and Samrai have violated these promises. When contacted by the CBC, Samrai would not comment, but described the allegations as lies.

None of these allegations has been proven in court.

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