Vancouver’s Dying Dailies Called “Racist” For Describing Black NHL Player A ‘Dark Guy’

Vancouver Sun And Province Apologize To Jordan Subban!

Two of B.C. daily newspapers, which have been dying a slow death, have apologized for a racially charged caption about one of the Vancouver Canucks’ prospects.

VANCOUVER – Two B.C. newspapers apologized after triggering a social media firestorm with a racially charged comment about one of the Canucks’ prospects.

Many took to social media, calling the Vancouver son a paper run by old white “racists” and called the editors morons for overlooking a caption clearly out of place in a major daily newspaper

The Vancouver Sun and The Province both posted a picture of defenseman Jordan Subban celebrating a goal in the Canucks’ 4-2 pre-season win over the San Jose Sharks Tuesday night, reported CTV news.

The caption reads “Vancouver Canucks celebrate goal by Jordan Subban (dark guy in the middle).”

The Sun issued an apology via Twitter early Wednesday, calling the caption an “egregious error that we regret.”

Gillian Burnett, The Vancouver Sun’s digital deputy editor, also explained on Twitter that the caption was written by a photographer and should not have appeared online.

“That cutline, written by a (photographer), should NEVER have been written, let alone made it online. Egregious error that we regret,” she tweeted. She added that the paper will be looking into the incident.

The Province posted its own apology hours later, also pledging to find out why the caption made it on to the newspaper’s website.

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