What Do You Do When A Guy Asks For Company At 11 At Nigh

After 7 years of marriage, my husband and I don’t have any children and don’t plan on having any either. My mother-in-law is very adamant that we have kids soon. This is causing trouble in my marriage and she’s even threatened me that she will get my husband re-married. I fear that my husband will be influenced by her, what should I do?

Well honey, in my opinion, I believe that if you really don’t want children then you shouldn’t have them just for the sake of your mother-in-law. Children are a big responsibility and DON’T bring another life into this world if you are not ready. As for your fear of your husband leaving you and getting re-married because your mother-in-law said so is silly as a man who truly loves you will stand by you come what may. So, sit down with your mother-in-law and please explain to her your reasoning behind this decision, I know this may not be easy but at least you tried! Don’t worry honey, if you haven’t had children for 7 years then that means that your husband is also a part of your decision.

How do I handle a guy who texts me “if I need company at 11pm at night?” We only went out for coffee once?

Wow, usually I don’t say “No” right away but this guy is a NO for sure. I feel his intentions may not be genuine and someone looking for a long term relationship would want to make sure to get to know you a little more than a coffee date before such behavior. He’s just in it for the …..

I caught my husband having a quiet dinner with another woman at a restaurant. I know that she wasn’t just a “friend” because of the way they were sitting together. I chose not to make a scene and walked away, he didn’t notice me. Should I confront him? I fear this may be the end of my marriage.

Confrontation may be hard and I fully understand but in order to have peace and harmony, you should CONFRONT. He has no business BEING SO COZY with another woman when he’s a married man. Take charge and please ask him! It may even be a misunderstanding for all we know. Don’t jump to any conclusions about your marriage, things can be sorted out.

He keeps wanting to rent a room and claims that I don’t have to sleep with him but he just “wants to cuddle”. We’ve been dating for only a month and I’ve told him plenty of times that I’m not ready. What should I do? I see no solution to this problem.

Well, if he’s looking for a long-term relationship with you then he would never ever force you to do something that you don’t want to. I hear this quite often from many women and my answer to them is to simply say “NO”. If he’s spending money on a room, he doesn’t just want to cuddle Ok! Don’t do anything you would regret and if you’re scared of losing him, DON’T BE. There’s plenty of fish in the sea my dear.

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