The Rising Sun of Vancouver Tells An Inspirational Japanese-Canadian Story

Vancouver Asahi World Premiere At VIFF Monday Night.

By Andrew Tran

Special for The LINK

From left to right: Mr. Ishii Yuya (Director), Mr. Satoshi Tsumabuki (Actor), Mr. Kazuya, Kamenashi (Actor), Mr. Naoto Inaba (Producer). Introducing themselves at the press conference.

The feature film Vancouver Asahi, which means Rising Sun of Vancouver, had a red carpet World Premiere At VIFF Monday Night.  The film releases in Japan on December 20.

Mr Satoshi Tsumabuki and Mr Kazuya Kamenashi watching Vancouver Asahi.

Starring Satoshi Tsumabuki as Reggie, the Captain of team Asahi and Kamenashi Kazuya as Roy, the pitcher for team Asahi.

Excitement levels were over the top with fans pushing to see their favourite actors on the red carpet. Not only did the two main actors sit with the audience to watch the film but the last surviving member of team Asahi, Kaye Kaminishi sat beside them.

Vancouver Asahi, directed by Yuya Ishii is based between the era of when the first Japanese landed in Canada till the pearl harbour bombing.

Last surviving member of Team Asahi, Mr. Kaminishi Kaye.

An inspirational film telling the story of the Japanese that first came to Canada and how they struggle against racism; working for half the wages but twice as hard, just to be accused of stealing jobs. The young Japanese- Canadians had their own way of fighting back though, through the good sport of baseball because it was all about the game, not whether you were white or Japanese.

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