Racists In Surrey Out In Full Force To Deface Election Signs Featuring Indo-Canadian Candidates

SURREY  – Racists in Surrey targeted Indo-Canadian candidates running in the current civic election by spray painting and defacing their signs throughout Surrey.

Names and faces of candidates such as mayoral candidate Barinder Rasode, council candidates Justin Thind and Rina Gill, who are both on former mayor Doug McCallum’s slate, have been crossed out or drawn on.

“Every single sign that’s out there that has a team attached to it, and it is only the South Asian names that are being defaced,” explains mayoral candidate Linda Hepner. “It’s disappointing, it’s deplorable and it’s not reflective of the Surrey that I know.”

Rasode, who was also targeted, called the incident unfortunate and then suggested that civic election signs should be all together banned.

“I know that at least 15 of my signs were damaged and volunteers are working quickly to replace them,” says Rasode. “It’s really unfortunate, I think it’s an incident that is not reflective of the City of Surrey and the residents of Surrey.”

This problem is not just limited to politicians, the defacing of signs has also been happening for a few months to other South Asian business people in the community, reported News 1130.

Surrey Mounties say no formal complaints have been launched but they are aware of the issue.

Tom Gill, who is on Hepner’s slate and is one of the incumbents on council, said he believes the vandalism is racially motivated.

“It’s hard to suggest otherwise, but certainly I was disappointed and disheartened,” he said.

“Politics is not a pretty game, in any measure, but that is just beyond anything anyone would every consider. I don’t think it’s politically motivated because it attacks every single one. I think it’s completely race-motivated and that’s an ugly thing,” said Hepner.

McCallum likewise said he too was disappointed with the apparent targeted acts, with most of his also appearing in Newton.

“I think it’s disgraceful that some idiots are vandalizing the signs. I would encourage everyone to leave them all alone, it’s a method to be recognized in a democratic election and there’s no place for this type of vandalism,” he said.

As for Halloween this year, which falls on a Friday, McCallum said everyone will just have to be mindful of their signs the day after.

“I’ve been in four elections and Halloween is always a problem so we’ll just make sure we have a crew out the next day to check on the signs.”

Many took to Twitter to call attention to the signs and shame the perpetrators of the vandalism.

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