Vancouver South Asian Film Festival To Be Held On November 30

Vancouver’s premier International South Asian Film Festival (VISAFF) founded by Agam Darshi and Patricia Issac will be held for a single day on November 30 at the SFU World Art Centre which will consistent of 2 workshops, short films, panel and a networking event.

VISAFF’s purpose and vision is to bridge the gap between South Asian talent and mainstream audiences.

Organizers say VISAFF is instrumental in breaking the South Asian stereotype, and expanding North America views on the artists within the culture beyond.

This festival is committed to serving as a launching pad for integration through celebration and education. VISAFF is currently at its 4th year.

It was launched in 2010. the festival returned in 2011, 2013 and now 2014 making it its 4th grand year. In short VISAFF is a festival that is as important to South Asians as it is to the masses.

“VISAFF needs to exist so we can not only celebrate the South Asian talent, but also have a platform to create change within an industry that still focuses on mainstream stories and features the majority population,” said this year’s festival runner actress Mannu Sandu

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