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My Boyfriend Is A Jatt And I’m A Hindu? Our Families Won’t Approve But We Want To Get Married – What Should I Do?

I’m in a dilemma about a current boyfriend. I really do like him and everything is great but I still keep looking at other options. Is this wrong? Why do I feel this way? Maybe he’s not the one then?

It is perfectly normal to feel this way and this is just a part of our nature as humans. We never seem to be content! But when in a relationship and you have a wandering eye then I would assume that he’s probably not “your ideal guy” as we all have an image of a person that we would like to be with in our minds. I would give this relationship some time and see how you feel and if your feelings are still the same then it may be time you consider other options … XOXO Paarull


My boyfriend is Punjabi (from a Jatt family) and I’m Hindu. We’ve been dating for 4 ½ years but our families are unaware of it. Our families will never approve of this relationship and we know this. We want to get married but just don’t know what to do? My family is looking for a match for me in my community. I can’t marry anyone else as I love my boyfriend too much. What should I do?

Well my dear, marriages between different casts and religions are very much the norm nowadays as times are now changing but I do understand that this is still not accepted in some families. My suggestion/ advice to you would be to confide in at least one person whom you trust in your family and see if they can help you in this situation. Also, you haven’t tried telling your family as yet so I think you both should let your families know and seek help within the family and I’m sure there are some people who will stand by you. This actually happened to a friend of mine and she had thought exactly what you are thinking and what you’re feeling right now but it all seemed to work out. She’s now happily married to her love and both families agreed. You must try and stay positive my lady! Keep me posted XOXO Paarull


I’ve been dating this guy for only six months and he’s proposed to me already and I said “yes”. Do you think this is too soon? I fear if I back out now then I will disappoint him.

Well, whenever you commit to something like a marriage, you better be sure! So if you’re having second thoughts, I would be honest to the man and let him know. I know this is hard but it is much easier than going through the marriage and then feeling this way. Sometimes such decisions can also make us scared so just be honest to yourself and him my dear! XOXO Paarull

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