Say NO To Proposed sales tax Being Called ‘Metro Vancouver Congestion Improvement Tax’

This Would Be A Separate Sales Tax, Not Part Of PST!

METRO VANCOUVER – Make one new year’s resolution and that to say a big NO  to the province’s new tax, which  will be put to a referendum to fund transit in Metro Vancouver.

The new 0.5 percent tax is being called “Metro Vancouver Congestion Improvement Tax.”

The referendum question that voters in Metro Vancouver will be asked is:

“Do you support a new 0.5% Metro Vancouver Congestion Improvement Tax, to be dedicated to the Mayors’ Transportation and Transit Plan?”

The ballots will start going out March 16th and voters will have until the end of May to send it back in.

Elections BC will take care of the vote and costs will be covered by the province. No provincial funds will be given to help voters decide which way to vote. Just vote NO!

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