My Wife Can’t Have Kids But My Family Keeps Pressuring Me To Marry Again – What Should I Do?

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By Paarull JS Bakshi

My husband’s family is very over bearing and they constantly keep pestering me often about doing things or taking part in things which I don’t particularly like and at first I was Okay with it but now it just has gotten to a point that I can no longer be okay with things. I want to make peace with my husband’s family and somehow just also be done with them. I no longer want to associate with these people and I just feel that this is now becoming a bit of a problem for me in my marriage. Do you think it’s okay to let my husband know that I no longer want to associate with his family?

Yes, in your case I think it’s okay for you to tell you husband honestly what is going on in your mind and what you have been going through. It is kind of hard for a spouse or a partner to hear that you don’t want to associate with his or her family but if you really can’t be around them then it’s the right thing for you to do.

My wife can’t have any kids which is totally okay with me but my family is pressurizing me to get married again to a girl from India. I can’t do this, this is not correct but my family is adamant and wants me to divorce my wife so that I can marry someone else to have children. What should I do?

Just because a woman can’t have kids that doesn’t mean that she can be replaced so in my opinion, you should let your family know that and please don’t agree to get re-married again because if you do this then this will make it okay for someone else to do this as well. This cycle will never end and our society will never learn. Please lead by example! Keep me posted XOXO Paarull

Paarull, my family doesn’t agree to me dating an older man who treats me well and is very close to what I want in life. How should I make them understand?

Well, if you really like him then your family will come around soon. You should just leave this to time as sometimes it’s hard to reason with family. Your family always means well for you and there is nothing wrong with how they think either. They will see your point of view sooner or later. XOXO Paarull

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