Christy Clark’s Pet Project Monitoring Civic Governments In Trouble After Auditor Fired

B.C.’s first ever Auditor General for Local Government Basia Ruta has been fired after her office spent $5 million and produced just two reports. Ruta was fired for obstructing a review of her office.

VICTORIA – Premier Christy Clark’s pet project to monitor local governments may be in trouble after her government was forced to fire the first B.C.’s first Auditor General for Local Government Basia Ruta for refusing to participate in a review of her office after it spent $5 million and produced just two reports.

Ruta denies she was obstructing the process.

Community Development Minister Coralee Oakes announced Monday that Ruta would be immediately removed from her auditor’s role, reported CTV.

“The auditor general for local government’s obstruction of an intended review of her office has created an intolerable situation that compounds the unstable work environment and lack of performance from that office,” said a statement from Oakes.

Oakes said the move was necessary to the “proper functioning of the office.”

But Ruta fired back after the government announcement, saying she never obstructed the process. Instead, Ruta maintains she asked for a review that “preserved the independence of the office.”

“I understand the minister has told the media that I obstructed a review of the office from taking place. Insisting on compliance with the Act is not obstruction,” she said through her lawyers.

Ruta says the review proposed by her superiors would have breached the statute she was sworn to uphold, adding that she is seeking a judicial review of the decision.

“The manner of removing me from office occurred without adherence to basic principles of procedural fairness,” she said.

The Office of the Auditor General for Local Government (AGLG) was created in 2012 in a bid to assist local governments in delivering their services more efficiently, effectively and economically, according to its website.

The office performs performance audits of local governments and makes non-binding recommendations.

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