Another Nazi Era High Art Theft Tale Has Helen Mirren In The Lead

Woman in Gold (PG) ****

Another Nazi Era High Art Theft Tale Has Helen Mirren In The Lead

By Alan Samuel

Time stands still for no man. Or woman.  After the ravages of war a determined  survivor decides it’s time to get back what is rightfully hers in the dramatic Woman in Gold.  Known far and wide for their spearheading of smart meaningful movies The Weinstein Company teams up with EOne Entertainment to unwrap a true tale steeped in pain, misery and hope.  See history In The making at The Fifth Avenue Cinema.

Never again. Now more than ever this simple statement rings true. Never forget are words also applicable to Holocaust survivor Maria Altmann. Now living the simple life in modern L.A. Dame  Helen Mirren (The Queen) reigns supreme as a diminutive Dynamo in the Dr. Roth tradition. Things were a lot worse for her back in the day – growing up in her native Austria as a Block-Bauer. Being Jewish and rich forced the young girl to flee. Looted of all things cultural and Semitic the Nazis had a field day rummaging through  and stealing the treasures of this upscale successful in this Business family’s home.

Connoisseurs of fine art the home of this confiscated family included many masterpieces with the piece de resistance being a golden portrait of Maria’s Aunt. Now worth its weight, if you’ll excuse the pun, in gold. Against all odds Mrs, Altmann returns to her homeland to make her claim,  aided and abetted by a novice lawyer.

Out of his league in every which way but loose is Randol Schoenberg played in top fidgety form by Vancouver’s Ryan Reynolds. Yes, the pair make an odd couple but seeing them take on the Austrian abductors of this choice art piece is compelling. Watch the uglier side of history unfold poignantly in Simon Curtis’ first foray into feature film directing.

Good acting and a meaningful story and taste of history makes Woman in  Gold  powerful and emotion-driven entertainment.

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