Christy Clark Government Increasingly Seen As Negative, Says New Poll

VANCOUVER – Are you happy with the way the provincial government is dealing with education? How about housing or heath care?

British Columbians give low marks to the Liberals when it comes to several important issues, including LNG and education. There’s also been a marked drop in support for the government in the category of accountability, according to Insights West, which has released its fourth “BC Government Report Card.”

Mario Canseco with Insights West tells us fewer British Columbians approve of the push for LNG.

“There’s been a steady flow of residents who are looking at things and saying, ‘I’m not particularly happy with the way things are going. I still want to see something come out of the LNG file, but I’m not particularly satisfied with the way it’s been handled right now.’”

Canseco says our view of the government is becoming increasingly negative.

“I think it’s definitely become more negative. I think we see it in the ratings for the premier herself; her rating now is just 30 per cent. It started in the forties. It’s been dropping.”

On the plus side, the best areas for our government continue to be crime and public safety, along with the economy and jobs.

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