June 26 Was International Day Against Drug Menace!

By Raghbir Singh Bains

Author of Encyclopaedia of Sikhism

To end this curse, the United Nations’ (UN) International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking falls on June 26 each year to raise awareness of the major problem that illicit drugs represent to society.

Drugs are a great menace to society. The whole world seems to be reeling under the grip of their hazard.  The increase in the demand for drugs, has led to the increase in production of synthetic as well as genuinely natural drugs.  It is astonishing that the trade in illegal drugs is a multi-billion dollar business, and a global problem. Illegal drug trading is given birth to countless socio-politico and economic evils. Alcohol and drug abuse in educational institutions and work places leads to academic problems, drunk driving, suicide attempts, and property damage. Drug abuse also results in socio-cultural evils like domestic violence, divorces, sexual assaults, bullying, mafia groupings, rapes, murders, assaults, HIV-AIDS and ultimate risk for the peace and prosperity of the world.

Great empires fell and countless people died of cancer, lung and heart diseases because of the drug demons. The control on flood of the supply of alcohol and drugs, legal or illegal is very essential. The grave problems need to bead dressed through prevention, education, awareness, intervention, treatment and counseling etc. It is felt that youth and parents need to become part of the solution rather than to become a problem.

Teachers, preachers, role models, writers, scholars, police, governments, court system, politicos and religious-social mentors can play a big role in curbing the problem.  Yes, the problem also needs to be addressed through education at homes, in schools, colleges, through conferences, seminars, interactive workshops and through mass media like TVs, Radios, Internet and other sources. Educational and awareness programs by drug manufacturers, society and governments can decrease the risk.

However the prison population is at an all-time high, a large percentage of which is drug related, which, again, burdens taxpayers. Spouses and children of the inmates also suffer as they face new financial and domestic problems.  Children of such people sometimes fail in life. Often the governments spend billions of tax dollars for fighting the illegal drug trade but with minimal success.

However control and preventive measures will always be better than curing the disease afterwards. It is disgraceful that some dealers and others recruit young children for distribution of drugs or weapons which make their way into schools.  However with support of like minded people, I am optimist to see a peaceful and prosperous society.

To end this curse, the United Nations’ (UN) International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking falls on June 26 each year to raise awareness of the major problem that illicit drugs represent to society.

This day is supported by individuals, communities and various organizations all over the world. By resolution42/112 of December7, 1987, the General Assembly decided to observe26 June as the International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking as an expression of its determination to strengthen action and cooperation to achieve the goal of an international society free of drug abuse. This resolution recommended further action with regard to the report and conclusions of the 1987 International Conference on Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking. According to official sources the end of the first century of drug control(it all started in Shanghai in 1909) coincided with the closing of the UNGASS decade (launched in 1998 by a General Assembly Special Session on Drugs).

These anniversaries stimulated reflection on the effectiveness, and the limitations, of drug policy. The review resulted in the reaffirmation that illicit drugs continue to pose a health danger to humanity. That’s why drugs are, and should remain, controlled. With this sanction in mind, Member States confirmed unequivocal support for the UN Conventions that have established the world drug control system.

The General Assembly recognized that despite continued and increased efforts by the international community, the world drug problem continues to constitute a serious threat to public health, the safety and well-being of humanity, in particular young people, and the national security and sovereignty of States, and that it undermines socio-economic and political stability and sustainable development. It encouraged the Commission and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) to continue their work on international drug control and urged all Governments to provide the fullest possible financial and political support to enable UNODC to continue, expand and strengthen its operational and technical cooperation activities, within its mandate.

Acting upon the above resolution, let’s play a positive role in curbing the global drug menace. There is saying that if we change ourselves, the world will definitely change. Serious-minded people should come together for a serious-minded discussion to end the monster of alcohol, opium, heroine smack, cocaine, crack and other drugs. Contact:

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