You Call Yourself Spiritual – But Are You Really?

By Ashima Gautam

Spirituality is something that is often debated and commonly misunderstood. The term spirituality is one of the terms that we think we understand when the truth is we don’t. The understanding of “Spirituality” is similar to understanding of the word “God” which means different things to different people depending upon their Way of thinking. But what does spirituality mean? You go to temple or church every Sunday. Does it mean you are spiritual?

You call yourself spiritual. Is it enough to be spiritual? You are a regular meditator and yogi. That means you become spiritual? You are associated with a spiritual group and follow their teachings. Does this make you spiritual person?

No, it’s not so.

Then what does it mean by spirituality and being spiritual?

Actually, spirituality is about oneness. We adopt the reality of oneness by embracing true forms of humanity. Spirituality refers to the authenticity of a human being. It doesn’t mean at all to be a nice person, but it is to BE a person through actualization not knowingness. Spirituality is not to just discuss about, but it is to be practically demonstrated. Only then you will encounter spiritual being of yourself.

Being spiritual is to embrace the original nature of your being and restore what you have been neglecting for ages. A spiritual person is a normal human being who prioritizes loving oneself and others as well. He is very kind being conscious of the fact that we are all One and regards this oneness. So you go to temple/church every Sunday with a thought of discriminations with no love for yourself and others on this earth. You meditate or practice yoga every day, but you are unable to calm your mind and body and you have not achieved the state of treating all as same with a peace of mind yet. You are a leader of a spiritual group and following the teachings too but you feel jealous of fellow members and let them down. All this uncovers the difference between faking to be spiritual and being spiritual in real terms. Spirituality can be perceived through your vibes; you don’t need to wear make-up to prove you spiritual because it is never meant to stay longer.

Higher realms and great principles are directly related to a spiritual person. He serves as a tree, whose roots show his firm determination to love each and every soul, stem gives inspiration to face all the hindrances coming his way in being spiritual, branches teach how to give what you have with no expectations, flowers speaks about how the aroma of your actuality spreads around itself, shade gives the idea of treating all as one and fruits speaks about the love he receives from higher spiritual souls in higher realms.

A spiritual person is a balanced person. He is in harmony with everyone. His heart is like clear water; nothing to hide, nothing to pretend. He is intuitively guided by higher cosmic force and gets inspiration what to choose and which path to lead. He gathers the honey of experiences with the help of his real nature and authenticity in actions. Spiritual success is independent of accumulation of wealth. He never dreams of inappropriate proportions of wealth as he is accustomed with the fact that his spiritual accomplishment doesn’t require luxurious goods.

Spiritual is who walks in spirituality,

And endeavors to the light by his true solicitous nature!!

A spiritually developed person is wholeheartedly dedicated to each and every task he has to perform in his lifetime. He never escapes from his duties and responsibilities. He doesn’t count hours, days to get something done. When he is determined to do something he completes that task by his heart and soul whether it is about writing or typing a letter, preparing a speech, reading a book, cleaning home, cooking, ironing clothes or gardening. He tries his best to be clear, precise, accurate and perfect in his thinking, speech and actions. He is perfect in his duties at work too. He is always keen on improving himself in all fields- relationships, business, dressing, eating, shaving, gardening, driving.

Conscience is the guiding light of a spiritual person. He always listens to his conscience because he knows that no one can transform without following the voice of conscience and acting according to that. He never ignores the path shown by conscience and therefore, always succeeds. He respects the light in all beings and doesn’t try to be judgemental. He has no barriers in his mind. He loves freedom and respects the freedom of others. He believes in “Be yourself and let others be”. On the same time, it is to be noted that he is not a jellylike person who fits in everything without creating a noise. He stands for truth and righteousness.

A spiritual person has the realization of being a soul having a body living temporarily on stage like earth to play his set roles time to time. He is wonderfully aware of the truth that this is not his real home as he has to return when all his roles are performed that’s why he is not attached to the changes in his life. He sees everything by spiritual angle and this awareness gives him the sense of fearlessness, detachment, strength, focus and enlightenment. He also tries to make others realise their original nature which they had been neglecting for years and makes efforts to transform their thoughts and actions.

All in all, no matter how many face-lifts you have, your ugly spirit will give the essence of your ugliness. Being spiritual doesn’t imply showing-off and being artificial rather a spiritual person is synonymous with being a person who dispels the darkness by his light of wisdom and putting that knowledge in actions too. Also, he never needs to advertise it, in fact others know his spirituality by the way he behaves, lives his life and inspire others. But merely knowing how to be spiritual is not enough. You can’t be spiritual unless you adopt the traits of a spiritual person and put it in actions.

Spirituality is to be performed, not learned. It enriches your life with lightness and solace. No more burdens; no expectations. Only love, serenity and tranquility.


Ashima Gautam is a Usui Reiki Master-Teacher. She is also practicing Karmic Reiki, Kundalini Reiki, Angel Reiki, Money & Abundance Reiki, Aura Brushing, Dowsing, Cord Cutting, Chakra Healing and Crystal Healing. Ashima has been practicing Reiki since 2007. Ashima lives in Vancouver, British Columbia with her family and she loves reading, writing, art & crafts, singing, cooking and studying. Reach Ashima at ashimagautam43@hotmail.com

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