Liberals Say Novak’s Denials Raise Fresh Questions, Show Harper Can’t Be Trusted

OTTAWA – Justin Trudeau Liberals say Stephen Harper still hasn’t told Canadians the truth about the PMO-Duffy scandal, and Ray Novak’s fresh denials raise even more questions Harper must answer.

While running from a journalist this morning, Harper’s Chief of Staff said emphatically, “I did not know Mr. Wright was going to cut that cheque.” (CTV, August 28, 2015)

This fresh denial directly contradicts e-mails and sworn testimony:

“I think [Duffy’s lawyer’s] approach works. I will send my cheque on Monday.” (Nigel Wright e-mail to Ray Novak, March 23, 2013)

“I did not know until Ray Novak told me that Nigel [had] given the money.” (Mike Duffy e-mail to Harper Senior Advisor Chris Woodcock, May 16, 2013)

“Ray was also there on the call when Nigel Wright said to Janice Payne he would do it.” (Ben Perrin statement to the RCMP)

“I looked to my right to see Mr. Novak’s reaction and he didn’t have any reaction.” (Ben Perrin testimony in court)

Liberals said Stephen Harper must answer these questions:

1. Given that Harper’s closest advisors are directly contradicting each other – why doesn’t Stephen Harper find out the truth?

2. When will Stephen Harper share the truth with Canadians?

3. Why were Nigel Wright and Ray Novak exchanging BlackBerry messages just before Wright took the stand?

4. Is Ray Novak accusing Harper’s confidant, Ben Perrin, of perjury?

5. The evidence suggests Ray Novak was aware of the PMO-Duffy cheque scheme. When will Harper take responsibility and fire Ray Novak?

Stephen Harper needs to finally end the cover-up and come clean with Canadians.

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